Our Advisory Board

Valette’s Business School is supported by an Advisory Board to provide advice on the development of opportunities offered to our learners and our supported charities. The Advisory Board holds regular formal meetings with the executive management team. The non-executive members of the VBSM Advisory Board provide strategic leadership in partnership with the executive team, and support the annual reviews of VBSM priorities, providing relevant input into the VBSM strategic plan.

The non-executive Advisory Board members come from a range of private and public sector organisations. They have significant experience in business and career transition and development, strategic leadership and implementation.

Advisory Board members

Catherine O’Brien

Catherine O'BrienCatherine has over 25 years’ experience of Operational Management and consultancy with large corporate organisations helping them to exploit technology to deliver value for their business. She has worked with and managed organisations in the UK, Spain, Brazil, Malaysia, India, Germany, Hungary and Canada.

Her work has included both public and private sector organisations in manufacturing, energy, water, financial services and central government. She has helped organisations to develop new organisational structures and processes and then to transition from one organisation structure to another, to outsource parts of their organisation and to transition between countries. Her leadership experience includes Operational and People Management, Commercial Management, Change Management, Financial Management and Relationship Management with both suppliers and clients.

In the consulting organisations she has worked for, Catherine has established new businesses to exploit the IT Technical infrastructure and applications, and to ensure that people have the skills they need to work effectively. This has involved both extensive recruitment and development of staff so that they can effectively deliver for clients.

Catherine has an undergraduate degree in Computational Sciences from Hull University, a post graduate diploma in Management Studies from Manchester Metropolitan University and is an alumni of Bradford Business School.

Dr Ged Drugan

Director VBSM

Ged Drugan

Carol Brooks

Director of Coaching and Mentoring

Carol Brooks