Our International Representatives

African Services Representative

Dr Pikay Richardson, BSc, MSc, PhD (Bus. Admin)

Pikay Richardson Dr Pikay Richardson is currently Senior Visiting Fellow at the Manchester Business School. He is a seasoned economic and management development educator and consultant. He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering, an MSc in Management Sciences and a PhD in Business Economics and Strategy from the University of Manchester. Over a period spanning 20 years, he held faculty positions at Manchester Business School and New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, USA, where he was Research Professor and Academic Director. At the MBA/PhD level, Dr Richardson’s areas of teaching expertise comprise Strategic Management, International Business Management, Leadership, Managerial/Business Economics and Marketing Management and Corporate Governance and Ethics.

Apart for degree courses, Dr Richardson also has over 25 years of experience in the design and delivery of short executive development courses for in-service managers and executives in the UK and many other countries. His areas of expertise include the Economic Environment of Business, Strategic Management, Customer Care/Service, Corporate Restructuring and Turnaround, Management and Union Relations, Strategic Leadership and Leadership Development and Corporate Governance. Dr Richardson is well-travelled and teaches internationally. Apart from the UK where he is based, he teaches regularly in the US, China, Hong Kong, India, Dubai, Germany, France, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana, Jamaica and Ghana.

Chinese Services Representative

Belinda Li

Belinda LiBelinda Li started her career as a mathematics teacher at Beijing Sino-Cuban Friendship Primary School in 1987. During her service in the school, she achieved recognition for her exceptional contribution in both teaching and interscholastic activities, and won numerous awards in teaching competitions.  At that time she was also a member of Beijing Municipal Research Institute for Mathematical Education.

From 1997 to 2001 she worked as Regional Sales Manager for China Financial & Economic Publishing House where she accumulated rich experience in sales/marketing and customer service while working closely with editors and provincial agents.

Belinda has led her own business since 2004. She has been a director of China Economic and Cultural Exchange (UK) Ltd (January 2004 – January 2007) and Sunbay Education Ltd (June 2006 – Present). She has established training programmes specialising in education, finance, business and accounting. These programmes focus on providing advanced study experience for senior and middle Chinese managers operating in both public and corporate sectors. Her enterprise, innovative thinking and personable approach has attracted a wide range of customers including high schools, universities and relevant institutions, and other state and private enterprises in China. By offering consultancy services within the international environment, the programmes aim to support organisations develop their performance and managers advance their personal development and accelerate career progression.


Middle Eastern Services Representative

Dr Mustapha Koriba

Mustapha is the founder and Director of NasNad International, an international consultancy in Strategy, Operations and Leadership Coaching. Prior to that, Mustapha has held Vice-President and Director Roles with large Global companies (ICI now Akzo Nobel, Rhodia, Crown Cork). Throughout his career, he has had extensive experience working with the major consultancy practices on strategic and operational change management programmes across the globe. He has worked in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Middle East and Africa.

He has coached and trained over a 3000 leaders and managers in Strategy, Operations, Leadership and Change Management. He also delivers executive education with Bradford, Hull and Manchester Universities in the UK, Middle East and Asia. He is passionate about making things happen through people.

Mustapha holds a BSc (Hons) in Aeronautical Engineering, a PhD and an MBA. He is a Member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs and a Chartered Engineer. Mustapha speaks English, French and Arabic.



North American Services Representative

Carletta Downs

Carletta Downs has recently semi-retired from a very successful career in banking and financial services at Goldman Sachs (Vice President) and HSBC (Senior Vice President) in New York City, focusing on workflow, business process re-engineering, and IT project management.  Carletta was very active in career development and diversity initiatives at both Goldman Sachs and HSBC, co-chairing the Women’s Network Career Development Subcommittee, the GS Firmwide Black Network, and mentoring new employees.  She continues to participate in mentoring and networking initiatives supporting young people as they begin their careers.  She sits on the advisory board of Self Help Africa, a non-profit organization whose mission is to tackle the root causes of hunger and famine across sub-Saharan Africa by establishing programs that will give people the chance to move from subsistence to surplus.


Carletta is a native of Philadelphia, PA, USA.  She has lived in NYC for the past 35 years.  She attended Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia and is a graduate of the Lester B. Pearson College of the United World Colleges in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  She, her husband, and their two children enjoy traveling to Europe, Africa and the Caribbean as part of on-going effort at education and outreach.



Russian Regional Services Representative

Tatiana Shved

Tatiana was educated at the Leningrad State University where she achieved an undergraduate degree in English. She has also achieved an MBA, and has studied strategic business management attending executive education programmes both in the Russian Federation and internationally. She started her working life as an English Language teacher in St Petersburg. However, during the turbulent economic times of the mid nineteen nineties, Tatiana moved into the commercial environment developed her business acumen, and subsequently, enjoyed the role of marketing director in both the travel and engineering sectors. Furthermore, she has carried out many international work assignments, and has also enjoyed extended work placements in the UK, the USA and Sweden.

Tatiana has an interest in property development and horticulture. She is a keen traveller and enjoys meeting people from the variety of countries that she has visited, and is always keen to develop her understanding of different cultures


South Asian Services Representative

Andy Eames

Andy Eames is co-founder and CEO of UAS (UK) Ltd based in the UK and Edskill Vocational Services PVT Limited which registered and has its offices in India. Prior to this Andy worked at all levels of education in the UK from schools to universities and as a result of setting up the first Centre of Vocational Excellence in Accounting and Finance in the Post 16 sector was seconded to the Standards Unit of the then Department for Educational Skills. Since 2005 he has concentrated on building educational links between India and the UK. His company currently operates the De Monfort University Office in Delhi as well as offering courses to schools, colleges and corporate clients in India. He splits his time between the UK and India.

He has an MBA, BA (Hons) and PGCE as well as 0ver 35 years of teaching experience in the UK and India.


South East Asian Services Representative

Maria Fajarini

Belinda LiMaria is co-founder and director of Evidence & Analytics, a UK-based company specialising in research and data analytics to support clients making their business decisions. Prior to this, she worked as an Analytics Director for an international pharmaceutical market research company, based in Manchester. She has extensive experience helping global clients with their marketing strategy using her expertise in segmentation, conjoint for new product development, and brand mapping.

Maria also had first-hand experience managing business in Indonesia, gained

through her professional work as a senior manager in a leading business school, in-store advertising company, and Australian Trade Commission, all based in Jakarta.

She has an MSc in Social Research Methods and Statistics from the University of Manchester, a Master of Commerce in International Business from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, and an MA in Marketing from the University of Westminster, London.